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We are committed to the preservation of the environment, in compliance with the standards established by environmental control agencies. We have designed and implemented the environmental technical improvements in our weaving plant, installing a short fiber harvesting system typical of the cotton spinning and transformation processes.

The LUWA system is a modern and innovative textile climate design, collector of particulate cotton material, which is filtered and stored in bags for future recycling. The SOHLLER system is a collection system of floating fibers dispersed in the environment, which contributes to the cleanliness of weaving and warping rooms, keeping our plant clean.

Our TUMBLING type drying machine equipped with a modern filtration system, fiber collector and particulate material, includes the end product presser, recyclable material of various uses. The drying gases of our towels are free of particulate material.


At Industrias Cannon de Colombia SA, we are committed to contributing to the conservation of water through a PETARI Wastewater Treatment System, where all the water coming from the different processes of dyeing, bleaching, and steam generation, removing the coarse color fiber and solids in suspension by means of the filtration, flocculation, sedimentation and flotation process, using a wastewater treatment plant, with the objective of returning clarified water to the process We also comply with the legislation and different environmental regulations associated with our facilities, processes and services, as well as with a program for saving and efficient use of water to mitigate the impact that may occur in production processes.


Concerned about ecosystems, we have implemented a wastewater treatment system in our dyeing process, contributing to the preservation of the environment. Thus, by means of 3 deep water wells located in our facilities and with two modern reverse osmosis Matrix machines with a capacity of 3000 M3 per day, Cannon treats all the water consumed in the dry cleaning and boiler processes returning the clean water to the final shedding.


We have 3 gas Jenbacher equipment, with the capacity to produce 7 Megabytes and with which we cover 100% of the current internal energy demand and also clears the future for future expansions. These power generators work with natural gas with clean emissions, free of sulfur gases.