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  • 1962

    In 1962, in the city of Barranquilla, Industrias Cannon de Colombia was born, aimed at the home textiles market. It was dedicated to the transformation of raw materials offered by local suppliers.

  • 1986

    In 1986, sets up its own weaving plants with 12 looms, produced 10 tons per month and had facilities covering 1000m2. Cannon then began to operate as a manufacturer and exporter of 100% cotton pile towels.

  • 2017

    Now, in the year 2017, Cannon has facilities of 80,000m2 divided across three modern plants and also has 110 Dornier Looms. The company now produces 950 tons per month and currently exports to more than 25 countries.


Cottons, linens, viscose, and chenille are just some of the large variety of yarn types that make up or raw materials portfolio.

Five high-speed Benninger warping machines combine the preparation of raw and pre-dyed yarns.

We have three Karl Mayer and one Sucker Müller sizing machines with a feeding capacity of 10 warped cylinders that pass through 12 drying rollers, working at 120 meters per minute.

We have 110 state-of-the-art double-widths Dornier looms with air jet weft-insertion devices.

With 17 Loris Bellini boats with capacities ranging from 200 to 600 kilos per cycle we dyed towels using reactive dyes and coloring vats. We also have 2 Fong's high-capacity bleachers for bleaching the hotel towel that process between 1,600 and 2,400 kilos per bath. Continuous dyeing is performed on the paddle type machine known as Pad Batch.

Two Anglada tumbles that dries 50 tons per day each, takes towels through the final drying stage, stabilizing their dimensions and removing lint remnants stuck to the towels.

The whole manufacturing process is done automatically, the longitudinal and transversal cutting and sewing is done with Schmale and Magetron machines.

Using Beck Packautomatten machines we have developed different types of automatic packing, specially designed to meet customers needs and to optimize shipping costs.


We are committed to environmental conservation and we satisfy the relevant norms established by environmental control bodies. We have designed and implemented technical environmental improvements in our weaving plants, installing a collection system to gather the short fibers that result from spinning and cotton-transformation processes.

LUWAis a novel, modern climatized textile design system, collecting particulate cotton material, which is then filtered and stored in bags to be recycled later on. The SOHLLER system collects dispersed fibers floating in the air, which contributes to the cleaning of weaving and warping rooms, thereby maintaining our plant in a clean state.

TUMBLINGdrying machines are equipped with a modern fiber-collectors, filtrations, and particulate material collectors system, including in the final product pressing machine, which provides recycled material for different uses. The drying gases used for our towels are particulate-matter free.


At Industrias Cannon de Colombia SA, we are committed to contribute to water conservation through a PETARI Wastewater and Industrial Water Treatment System, which treats all the water coming from the different processes of dyeing, bleaching, finishing the towel And steam generation, removing the coarse fiber of color and solids in suspension through the process of filtration, flocculation, sedimentation and flotation, using a wastewater treatment plant, with the objective of returning clarified water to the process Productive and also comply with the legislation and different environmental regulations associated with our facilities, processes and services, as well as a program to save and use water efficiently to mitigate the impact that may occur in production processes.


The environment is important to us and, as such, we have implemented a treatment system for the wastewater that results from our dyeing process. In doing so, we conribute to enviromental preservation. Using three deep water wells located in our plants and two modern Matrix inverse osmosis machines that have a capacity of 3000m3 per day, Cannon treats all the water that is used in the dyeing and boiling process, thereby discharging clean water.


Our gas-powered Genbbacher generator produces 4MB per month with which we satisfy 100% of our current internal energy needs and which, in addition, clears the way for pending expansions. These generators work with natural gas and produce clean emissions that are free of sulfuric gases.

Security Policy and Reason for being

Security policy for a secure trade

At Industrias Cannon de Colombia S.A, we are committed to the assurance of our supply chains, through the identification, analysis and assessment of risks and threats; generating preventive actions, mitigation and continuous improvement, in order to protect our image, credibility, integrity and reliability of our international trade operations, complying with the legislation and thus contributing to a safe and reliable foreign trade.

Reason for being

We want all our associates, clients and shareholders to feel privileged and secure in their connection with Industrias Cannon de Colombia SA, for which we direct our efforts in interpreting and satisfying their needs and expectations, combining our social, quality, and secure marketing commitments. trustworthy; enhancing our human, productive, technological and continuous improvement capacities in the manufacture of our home clothes, based on our motto of wanting to “Dry the world with what the world wants to dry”.