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At Industrias Cannon de Colombia S.A. we are committed to quality; our priority is to meet our clients expectations, needs, and requirements, for which reason we have designed preventative and corrective inspection systems, as well as diverse controls for all of our production process.

We monitor the quality of our bath linens starting with the arrival of our raw material. For this reason, we have a cotton-thread laboratory where we verify whether the thread meets specified requirements before using it in production.

In the next stage, weaving, we undertake line inspection in which multiple raw towel variables and attributes are checked, preventing possible loom failures.

Later, in the Dry Cleaner Laboratory, by means of colorimetry equipment, tests and evaluations are carried out to develop tones, match colors and analyze different parameters such as fastness, shrinkage and absorption. In this stage of Dyeing and Finishing, several variables and attributes of the tolls are verified to verify that they meet the established specifications.
In the inspection unit by unit, the towels with non-conformities are identified, it is verified that the specifications established by the client have been met, before authorizing their dispatch.

Parallel during all the stages of the process a group of people assigned to the apartment. of quality control, they make samplings of the different batches of production obeying the norm of military tables, said towels are taken to the laboratory to make inspections of weight, size and height of curl, etc., variables that are not detected by visual inspections .