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These are our recommendations so that your towels are always soft and absorbent.

Always remember to read the labels with the washing and care instructions.

Towels should be washed at least once a week or after 3 or 4 times they have been used.

Keep in mind that each member of the family should use their own towels. A towel is an accessory for personal use.


Towels must be washed before using them for the first time so that theirs fibers open. New towels are coated with fabric softeners so that buyers feel them softer and more pleasant throughout their purchase experience, but those softeners do not allow moisture to be absorbed well.

You can add half a cup of white vinegar to the first rinse to eliminate these softeners.

Perform exclusive wash cycles for towels, that way you prevent damaging them with the friction with other garments.

Do not apply an excess of soap, this only achieves a stiff effect.

Do not apply bleach to towels, since over time white towels will get a yellowish hue.


If you are going to use the dryer, use short cycle and medium temperature. Take them out just after the cycle to avoid wrinkling.

To avoid the musty odor, make sure they are completely dry before folding and storing them.

If you are going to dry the towels outdoors, do not exceed the time of exposure, since the towels may harden.


To keep your bed sheets always soft and pleasant, follow these tips:

Always check the washing and care instructions of the labels.

Bedding should be washed at least once a week because sweat, germs and body bacteria are transferred to your sheets.

If you are going to use a washing machine, select medium or cold temperature, remember that if your sheets are colored, the hot water can make them fade easily.


The sheets should be washed before the first use to eliminate the residues of softeners and dyes.

Wash your sheets apart from other clothes, especially apart from towels.

Avoid excess soap, so that your sheets don’t end up with a rough and stiff texture.

If they have spots or if they have been used by a sick persona, use a hot water cycle to eliminate germs and bacteria.


If you are going to use the dryer, we recommend to use short cycle and medium temperature. Always avoid long and very hot cycles.

Ten minutes before the cycle ends, take out your sheets and iron them when they are still a little wet. It is more difficult to remove wrinkles when the sheets have already cooled.

If it’s a sunny day, dry them outside so that whites get even whiter, while those of color, should be dried with the least sun exposure as possible. Besides, sunlight acts as a natural disinfectant, perfect for killing bacteria.